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3 Essential Fun Products for Service Dogs

Service dogs offer their abilities to aid people who have a wide range of disabilities. Since service dogs are so useful and have such an impact on so many lives, there is a need to enhance their service through the use of several products.

These products help to make their jobs easier and more fun than usual. Here are three essential and fun products that will help make the lives of both service dog and human better.

Puzzling Toys

People are aware of the normal dog toys. Balls are standard for dogs and by itself, it is already an important toy that can keep dogs occupied.

A puzzle toy is better though. It allows for dogs to be occupied more as they solve the puzzle. One puzzle toy that you should look up is Outward Hound’s Hide-a-squirrel toy.

With this toy, you hide a plush squirrel within several trunks. Then, your dog must sniff out and hunt for the squeaky squirrel. In solving the puzzle, their cognitive facet is also developed.

Puzzling Toys - 3 Essential Fun Products for Service Dogs

Once they find it after a while, you can dispense some treats for a job well done. The act of finding the squirrel is also a good cardio exercise for your dog.

These squeaky squirrels can also be used in fetch for both indoors and outdoors. So essentially, it is two toys in one.

Outward offers three different sizes of squirrel, as well as range of different animals such as bird, hedgehogs, and bees.

Another puzzle toy is the Bob-a-lot Treat Dispenser. It acts similarly to those punching bags that kids punch and harmlessly bounce around. Imagine that but in a smaller scale.

Dogs will be able to knock this toy around, and if they knock it the right way, delicious treats can come out for them as a reward.

Service Dog Harness

Some service dogs require harnesses for identification purposes only. However, others require the harness for what they are meant to be doing. These are dependent on the disabilities of their owners.

Harnesses are important as they could do a variety of important things. With the right harness, the service dog can carry the right medication, pull a wheelchair, be used for balance and support.

For the blind, a good harness can allow people to hold on to their service dog and be lead to safety. It can also lead other people to owners who have had seizures or attacks.

There are harnesses out there with a few cool and extra features. A harness that has reflective patches and safety bands will mean that at night time, you and your service dog can be easily seen. Adjustable straps are also always good as you ensure the harness fits right on your service dog.

Depending on what disabilities the owners have, you may have to experiment with a lot of different harnesses before you find the right one for you and your service dog.

leadh - 3 Essential Fun Products for Service Dogs

Hands-free Leash

This is a very important item that most service dog owners have. A hands-free leash means that you don’t need to be constantly holding on to your dog. You guys will be connected and united through leash alone.

Other hands-free leashes will allow you to convert it to regular leashes when you want to.

These are our recommended products for service dogs. If you have any more in mind, why not write us and tell us what you think should also be included in this article. For us at Texas Service Dogs, the important thing is that you and your service dog have a harmonious, helpful, and caring relationship.

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