Foster and Adopt a Dog

adopt - Foster and Adopt a Dog

Texas Service Dogs is a charitable organization that gets most of its resources and help through the people who volunteer their time, resources, and money to our cause.

One way to help is by volunteering at Texas Service Dogs. We have a couple of positions open. One as puppy trainer and the other as puppy sitter.

Apart from that though, there is one other way that people can help out. This is by either fostering or adopting a dog.

We always need people and families who can serve as foster homes for our dogs. This is needed almost as much as the trainers.

These foster homes serve as temporary homes for our dogs. These homes need to be able to provide what these dogs need such as food, treats, open spaces, and above all, safe and loving environments.

Also, it would be ideal if these foster homes are situated in Austin, near the headquarters of Texas Service Dogs.

If you offer your home as a foster home, these will serve as temporary areas for our dogs to stay at before they are adopted into more permanent homes. They may also be puppies that are being evaluated for our training program.

If Texas Service Dogs has access to more foster homes, then our organization could evaluate more dogs for our program and for more permanent homes.

You may also opt to adopt one of our service dogs. In order to do so, you should contact us and tell us that you would like to adopt a dog. When you do so, we’ll send you the adoption application form, as well as the dogs available for adoption.

Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do what we are doing without you.