labrador 820x410 - Top 3 Service Dog Breeds and Why

Top 3 Service Dog Breeds and Why

Any dog breed out there can become a service dog. With enough care and training, dogs can be directed to do most anything.

At Texas Service Dogs though, we target a specific set of breeds. We train poodles, Labradors, and Labrador retrievers specifically. We do this because these breeds just have certain traits and qualities that are better for being service dogs.

Throughout this article, we’ll talk about why these breeds we just mentioned are ideal for service dog training.

Here are three dog breeds that are ideal candidates for service dog training.


Poodles - Top 3 Service Dog Breeds and Why

When people see poodles, they usually think of prim and proper owners. Rightfully so as poodles are a formal breed of dog.

Standard poodles are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Their brains are just wired to be receptive to all sorts of service dog training and tasks.

They are also very alert and have the mobility that allows them to cater to their owners immediately when the situation arises.

If your service dog is a poodle though, then you must know that their coat requires a lot of care and grooming.

Labrador Retrievers

Commonly referred to as “labs”, it is rare to find someone who doesn’t like them. Who wouldn’t like them anyway? They are a happy, smiley, active, and hardworking breed.

Their size is a definite plus. They are a large breed that are very strong. This, combined with how hard they work, makes for a dog breed that has a solid work ethic.

They are also very easy to train because of how driven they are for food.

We are sure that in your lifetime, you’ve seen a lab service dog. They are usually used as bomb sniffers and rescue dogs too.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever - Top 3 Service Dog Breeds and Why

Their name suggests why this breed is a great candidate for service dog training. Close kin to the labs, these retrievers are great at picking up, carrying, and giving items to their owners.

Initially, the Retrievers were bred for hunting, as they would retrieve the birds their owners hunted.

Despite that though, their mouths are very gentle, with their temperament more so.

Their mobility and allows for them to be really good for service dog training in guide work.

These are the most ideal dog breeds for service dog training. However, there are other dog breeds ideal for service dog training.

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