trainin 360x270 - Top 3 Tips to Follow When Training Service Dogs

Top 3 Tips to Follow When Training Service Dogs

People who train dogs know that it is not an easy thing to do. Just making a dog learn how to sit on command is quite a feat. What more if you were to train them to be a service dog? This is made even harder if you don’t know what in the world you are doing. Add to that a young puppy who has no concept of rules and commands, and you have a recipe for a bad time. Fear not! We here at Texas Service Dogs have compiled a list of useful tips for you to use. Without further ado, here are three tips to follow when training service dogs. Stay Calm Ever heard that saying that dogs can smell the fear on you? Well, dogs have a […]

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trea 360x270 - 3 Best Dog Treats for Training Puppies - Bully Sticks & Training Treats

3 Best Dog Treats for Training Puppies – Bully Sticks & Training Treats

In Texas Service Dog’s previous article, we spoke about the best and healthiest human foods to give your dogs. We also presented the reasons why treats are good for dog training. As previously stated, treats are important for training. It is possible to train without treats. However, utilizing treats can serve as an extra motivator that ensures that the taught behaviors will stick, and that the training cycle will go by faster. The choice of article is important. Apart from how healthy the ingredients are, portions and calories should be taken into account in order to ensure that the dogs are getting what is right for them. In this article, we’ll delve into certain specific treat brands that are ideal when training dogs. Here are the three best treats to […]

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dog1 360x270 - 3 Essential Fun Products for Service Dogs

3 Essential Fun Products for Service Dogs

Service dogs offer their abilities to aid people who have a wide range of disabilities. Since service dogs are so useful and have such an impact on so many lives, there is a need to enhance their service through the use of several products. These products help to make their jobs easier and more fun than usual. Here are three essential and fun products that will help make the lives of both service dog and human better. Puzzling Toys People are aware of the normal dog toys. Balls are standard for dogs and by itself, it is already an important toy that can keep dogs occupied. A puzzle toy is better though. It allows for dogs to be occupied more as they solve the puzzle. One puzzle toy that you […]

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dogtreats 360x270 - 3 Reasons Why Dog Treats Are Used in Training Dogs

3 Reasons Why Dog Treats Are Used in Training Dogs

In a traditional outlook on dog training, treats were seen as a cheat to dog training. Traditionalists believe that dogs should follow your commands out of fear, respect, and love of their owner. In today’s world though, that way of thinking isn’t true anymore. In today’s day and age, majority of dog owners and trainers are utilizing dog treats as rewards. Most experienced trainers nowadays do not require food to train dogs. With their years of experience, they can train dogs without it. Despite that fact, most trainers today still choose to use these treats when training dogs. Here are three reasons that explain why dog treats are used when training dogs. Out with the Old, In with the New The transition to this new way of training dogs is […]

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egg2 360x270 - 3 Best and Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs

3 Best and Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs

There is a general feeling that feeding a dog human food is considered wrong or taboo. That simply isn’t true. There are pieces of wisdom and benefits in just feedings dogs dog food. However, at Texas Service Dogs, we support feeding them what is available. For people who adopt a dog or offer their homes as foster homes, we don’t necessarily force you to buy and feed them expensive dogfood. The thing is though, even if we support human food and treats, this must be done right. There are some human foods and treats that are better and healthier than others. Here are three of the best and healthiest human foods that you can and should feed your dogs. Eggs In much the same way that eggs are healthy for […]

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labrador 360x270 - Top 3 Service Dog Breeds and Why

Top 3 Service Dog Breeds and Why

Any dog breed out there can become a service dog. With enough care and training, dogs can be directed to do most anything. At Texas Service Dogs though, we target a specific set of breeds. We train poodles, Labradors, and Labrador retrievers specifically. We do this because these breeds just have certain traits and qualities that are better for being service dogs. Throughout this article, we’ll talk about why these breeds we just mentioned are ideal for service dog training. Here are three dog breeds that are ideal candidates for service dog training. Poodles When people see poodles, they usually think of prim and proper owners. Rightfully so as poodles are a formal breed of dog. Standard poodles are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Their brains are […]

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