About Texas Service Dogs

Final - About Texas Service Dogs

Welcome. We are Texas Service Dogs. As an organization, our main mission is to train quality service dogs on a task-based method. In doing tasks, the dogs will be trained to help out in several things that people may need.

A properly trained dog will ensure that their owners will be able to act in a safe and independent manner. This is especially so for both adults and children who have physical and mental disabilities.

Our organization does not raise and breed service dogs ourselves. Instead, we rely on people donating puppies to us. We also look for potential service dog candidates in rescue shelters. Our ideal candidates are within the age range of eight weeks to 2 years old.

Of all the breeds out there, Texas Service Dogs focuses primarily on poodles, Labradors, and Labrador retrievers. These breeds are ideal due to their ability to get and fetch items, how motivated they are, and of course how friendly they are to their owners and others.

Other breeds we have used also include Mastiffs and Great Danes. If you know of any other breeds that fit these qualities though, do let us know.

We do hope that you support and work for us, so that more trained service dogs can continue to make a difference in the world.

Apart from donations, you can volunteer as a puppy trainer too! Simply send your application to us. If accepted, you’ll need to learn our material and then train a service dog puppy that we’ll be sending you.

If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry about it. Our instructor will help you out every week.

All of our great work at Texas Service Dogs could not have been possible without the good people who have donated their time, money, and efforts to our cause.

Texas Service Dogs is a non-profit charitable organization. If you’d like to pitch in some help, you can volunteer for some of our open positions or offer your home as a foster home for our dogs in training.