Current waiting list time is around a year (12-months).

We serve clients who genuinely want the help of a service dog, would like to bring the dog with them to all places where its service is needed, agree to take on the responsibility of taking care of the dog’s needs, and will represent Texas Service Dogs in a professional, and positive manner. This unique way of disability mitigation is not fit for everyone. You will receive a lot of attention from the public because you have a dog with you in places where pets are not allowed. Dogs are living, breathing beings with a mind of their own that is the mental capacity of a human toddler. It is entirely a lifestyle choice to work a service dog in addition with or versus other medical equipment and requires work for upkeep. This is just some things to keep in mind in deciding whether getting a service dog is the right choice for you.

The current wait time to receive a fully trained Texas Service Dog is approximately 12 months. As a small volunteer-run organization with limited funding, we are only have to support a handful of dogs currently.

To begin applying to receive a service dog from Texas Service Dogs, you must first submit a $50 application fee and complete a preliminary application which you will receive in response to your initial contact. Texas Service Dogs will then mail you the full application which will include additional instructions. Please see below on this webpage.

When Texas Service Dogs receives the full, completed application from you we will contact you to schedule an initial assessment. This meeting will be in Austin, Texas and is your opportunity to meet with staff members and learn more about our training programs. A Texas Service Dogs staff member will determine if you are accepted as a client after your initial assessment.

It costs Texas Service Dogs around $25,000 to breed, raise, train, and place each service dog. The total cost to receive a service dog from Texas Service Dogs is $8-12,000. Client must pay for or fundraise a minimum of $8,000 prior to placement. You will be provided with a payment schedule in your application.

here are grants and scholarships available to assist with the cost of a service dog, and most applicants fundraise during the waiting


Step 1

Contact us our website or e-mail.

Step 2

Submit a preliminary application, and pay the $50 Application Fee.

Step 3

TXSD will mail the full application to you . After its received, you need to:

-Submit a full and completed application and distribute an Applicant -Medical History Form to each of your medical providers.
-Return completed Medical History Forms to TXSD.
-Return completed personal reference (not a relative) to TXSD.
-TXSD reviews your full application.
-Applicant visits TXSD for an informal, preliminary interview and meet the dogs.
-TXSD contacts your references.
-TXSD conducts a home interview.
-Applicant demonstrates the ability to pay for the daily expenses of caring for a dog, including, but not limited to, premium food, supplements, vet care, heartworm medication and replacement equipment.
-TXSD will determine whether you would benefit from one of our service dogs and notify you by mail with the decision.
-TXSD collects $2,000 and places applicant on waiting list for matching.
-TXSD discusses fund raising goals and payment plans.


Texas Service Dogs will give you at least one month’s notice prior to inviting you to a Team Training. The first week of Team Training is held at Texas Service Dogs facility, where you will be officially matched with your dog. Training is held Monday through Friday, and typically lasts 5-6 hours each day.

You will begin taking your dog home with you the first Thursday of Team Training. You will rest at home with your new service dog during the weekend. You are not to take your dog into public without a trainer during the first week and weekend of Team Training.

The second week of Team Training is held primarily in public. You will be provided with a schedule and itinerary for meeting Texas Service Dogs staff throughout the week. We will practice going grocery shopping, riding an elevator, going out to eat, interacting with the public, and more. One day will be devoted to “dinner & a movie” where we will meet after dark. The last day of Team Training will be a public access evaluation of you and your new service dog.

Following Team Training we ask that you ease your dog and yourself into public access and the stresses of daily life. You can begin going to work, but should avoid excessively stressful situations such as parties or large gatherings. Your dog will be attached to you at all times for at least a two week period, this is called umbilical cord bonding and is crucial to your dog’s successful bond with you. You will not allow friends or family members to pet or interact with your dog excessively, and you will not allow people to interact with your dog in public.


You will return to Texas Service Dogs for follow-up appointments at least once a month following placement for the next six months. You and your dog will be considered a graduate team after a minimum of six months of successful partnership.

Texas Service Dogs holds a graduation ceremony once a year. Only after attending a Texas Service Dogs graduation will you be able to contact your dog’s Puppy Raiser. Any training questions or concerns must be directed to Texas Service Dogs staff. Texas Service Dogs retains ownership of our dogs for the life of each dog. We do not remove dogs unless abuse or severe mishandling is occurring. You will complete monthly reports on your dog for the first six months after placement, and then complete a yearly public access evaluation. Out of town clients can call, face-time, skype, and submit videos to Texas Service Dogs.

Clients who receive a diabetic alert dog from Texas Service Dogs must submit monthly alert logs to Texas Service Dogs for at least the first six months. You are encouraged to continue keeping logs of your dog’s alerts for the life of your dog. Diabetic alert dogs require consistent practice to maintain their skills, and it can take several months of bonding before their alerts become reliable for you. Many diabetic alert dogs become expensive pets when their handler fails to practice and maintain their dog’s skills.

Texas Service Dogs provides follow-up training and service to our clients for 5 years at no additional charge. If you are an out of state client you may be asked to cover the cost of having a Texas Service Dogs trainer travel to you.



Once you are accepted as a client by Texas Service Dogs, you will begin attending client meetings with a Texas Service Dogs trainer. These meetings typically last around one hour, and are scheduled every 6-8 weeks. Most clients attend between 5-10 client meetings before being matched with a dog. During client meetings you are being instructed on how to care for, train, and handle a working service dog. You will meet with various Texas Service Dogs dogs until Texas Service Dogs trainers believe they have found the appropriate match in a dog for you.

This process typically takes at least six months, but can take up to two years.

Once we have covered enough information and found the right match in a dog for your needs, you will be invited to a two week Team Training (also known as Boot Camp).


We seek to provide the best match of a dog and client. When a suitable dog has been identified, we will contact you regarding participation in the next Team Training. If possible, we may have a number of mini training sessions/meetings prior to Team Training in Austin, TX.

A non-refundable placement fee is due prior to the start of Team Training, which is to be determined on the basis number and kind of tasks the service dog is required to perform to assist you. The placement fee for a fully task trained Texas Service Dog is $8-12,000. For successful clients, after one year and passing of the re-certification test, limited ownership in the form of a contractual lease is granted.

Candidates who are unable to complete the Team Training and subsequent public access test in Austin, TX will not be placed with a dog.


We are currently fundraising to provide Austin, a standard poodle PTSD and Mobility Assistance Dog, to a Disabled Combat Veteran FREE of charge. Please consider donating – no donation is too small!