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3 Best and Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs

There is a general feeling that feeding a dog human food is considered wrong or taboo. That simply isn’t true.

There are pieces of wisdom and benefits in just feedings dogs dog food. However, at Texas Service Dogs, we support feeding them what is available. For people who adopt a dog or offer their homes as foster homes, we don’t necessarily force you to buy and feed them expensive dogfood.

The thing is though, even if we support human food and treats, this must be done right. There are some human foods and treats that are better and healthier than others.

Here are three of the best and healthiest human foods that you can and should feed your dogs.

egg - 3 Best and Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs


In much the same way that eggs are healthy for people, it is that way for dogs too. Eggs are great for dogs. You can either cook them for your dog or even give it to them raw.

No matter how you give it though, it doesn’t matter as they both have their own health benefits for our canine companions.

For raw eggs, it is best to feed it to them with some shell in it. In doing so, we add some protein, riboflavin, as well as others.

For cooked eggs though, there is a specific way to prepare it. Ensure that you do not add any seasoning on it such as salt or pepper.

peanut butter - 3 Best and Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the absolute best treats you should give to your dog. It is great for you dog because it takes them so long to eat! They enjoy it just as long, we assure you.

Peanut butter has so much good stuff packed in it. It has protein, vitamin E and B, and even healthy fats.

Just remember that when you buy peanut butter, unsalted peanut butter is the best one you should get. Salt is just bad for dogs, just as it is bad for people.

Apart from that, check that your peanut butter doesn’t have any sugar substitutes. An example of this is Xylitol. This particular ingredient is really bad for dogs. It could lead to a dog’s death.

carrots - 3 Best and Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs


Whatsup doc? Doc says that carrots are rife with fiber and vitamin A. They are an ideal snack as they are healthy but will not make your dog food since their calories are so raw.

They are also a good treat that takes care of your dog’s teeth in the long run.

These are the top human treats. However, there are so much more human treats you can offer your dogs. Study up first and learn about the best and healthiest human foods you can offer your dog.

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